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Yoga at Home


Dubally Acupuncture focuses on pain management, utilizing our own Regeneration Method, which hones into cellular regeneration in the body to relieve chronic conditions and maintain wellness. Our method prevents disharmony in the Zang-Fu organs and the Meridians, where Qi flows to keep the body healthy.

The body's cells are destined to protect us for limited periods of time. Red blood cells survive for approximately four months, white blood cells for three months, and skin cells for thirty days. Some cells die while others reproduce. This is the regular cycle and function of cellular regeneration, which allows us to maintain our health and wellness. Our regeneration process relies on cellular biology in combination with Ancient Chinese Medicine and Herbology to create a healing remedy for conditions such as stress, cardiovascular issues, gastro-intestinal issues, excessive weight fluctuation, insomnia, chronic pain, mental health conditions, and more.

After an initial consultation, our healthcare professionals will plan a course of treatment to target the conditions and symptoms you have.

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