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“I had transplant done on top of my head due to hair loss a year ago. I have noticed that I am

thinning again in the area few months after the transplant. I wanted to try more natural treatments

and came to Dubally. I have been treated for 3 months and noted that my hairs are thicker and


— B.Y.C. 53 years old

“I was losing lots of hairs after showers and I consulted Dubally. The staffs were caring and

knowledgeable to educate me for proper hair cares. I have been using home care products and noted

decrease in hair loss after shower.”

— J.H. 41 years old

“I have been thinning and losing hair for past 5 years. I have been under high stress from work and

family. I was afraid to get perms or color my hair due to hair loss. I am very happy to see the

great results in my hair and am able to go get perms easier now. I no longer feel depressed or try

to hide my balding all the time. I am glad that I came to Dubally.”

— B.R. 72 years old

“I have been thinning hair for 2 years which I think it started from high stress from my business.

My father has male pattern baldness and I came to Dubally to prevent further loss. I was very

impressed about their exams and cares. I noticed my hair was getting stronger and thicker in a

month. I would definitely recommend Dubally to anyone who is losing hair!”

— M.K. 57 years old

“I have noted some hair loss since high school but I really noticed increase in hair loss in

college. I visited Dubally during summer vacation to see if they can do anything. They explained

thoroughly about the exam results and helped me to continue care even while I was in the school. My

hair got thicker and I do not have thinning areas any more. Thank you for your help.”

Lucy C. 22 years old

“I have seen doctors for 5 years due to itchy and scaly scalp. I had redness and pus everywhere in

my scalp and have been using topical steroid ointments for years and did not get better. I wanted to

try something natural and noted itchiness and redness was gone in 4 weeks.”

Jeff V. 45 years old

“I had dandruff problem for 10 years. I will get dandruff on my shoulders constantly and was too

embarrassed to go out with my wife to places. I came to Dubally for scalp cleansing and

detoxification. After 4 treatments, I did not see any dandruff on my shoulder with dark clothes. I

don’t think twice to go places with my wife now.”

Harry C. 47 years old

“Coming from the medical background, I was skeptical about the natural products and treatments. The

Dubally consultant was able to explain the exams and findings well and recommended treatments. I was

treated for few months and was surprised with the results. Their program was systematic and well

organized to give you the results. I would recommend the programs and products.”

C.K. 72 years old

“I experienced hair loss for 7 years. I noticed the hair volume was decreased and especially when I

tried to tie my hair. I tried many shampoos and hair loss products on the market. Some of them

worked for a while but as soon as I stopped using them, I was losing hair again. I liked how I can

get private and individual care at Dubally. My hair is not falling out as it used to and is much

thicker than before. I am on the maintenance care now and I just love to come for care.”

Lana G. 37 years old

“I have been losing hair for 5 years in the forehead and top. I tried laser treatment for one year

but did not feel my hair is growing. I liked how Dubally performs the exam first to see the program

will help me before asking me to sign the contract. The consultant explained about the treatments

from results, what to expect, and gave me other options like transplant for my forehead. I felt they

were very professional and knowledgeable. I like the fact that I can relax during the treatments in

high end spa like rooms. I decided to continue my care at Dubally.”

Mike I. 35 years old

“I noticed that I was thinning out but thought nothing really of it. When I went to the hair salon,

the ladies commented that I had a bald spot on the lower side of my scalp. After that, I got

treatment and started to see improvement after a month of using the products. Since then, my hair

has been healthy and full!”

S.L. 45 years old

“Dubally was my last attempt at getting my hair back after trying so many other product and it was

the first thing that actually worked in a long time.”

K.F. 63 years old

“I really enjoyed being treated with natural products because everything else was always seemed to

make my hair fall out faster. It was a breath of fresh air to finally read ingredients that I could


G.E.S 30 years old

“No one really thinks about hair loss until it’s your hair that’s falling out. The staff was super

professional and used treatments that didn’t smell like a chemical factory. My hair’s back to its

potential and I’m ready to appreciate it more.”

D.S. 24 years old

“My hair started falling out with the stress that was piling on and on. After a few years, there was

less and less hair and that’s when I first contacted Dubally. The helpful staff was knowledgeable

and created a plan that was unique to me and not a routine treatment.”

P.W. 38 years old

“Balding was passed down the generations but when it was my turn, I was determined to not let it

affect me as bad. With a few months on treatment, I was back to the full head of hair that I had in

college and it has made me that much more confident!”

B.D. 51 years old

“Dubally has given me my hair back. Before, it was constant worrying about my hair falling out but

now, I can shower without worrying about hundreds of hair falling out.”

S.A. 49 years old

“I always had a head full of hair and didn’t care if a few fell out or not. When I noticed that I

started to thin and more hair was falling out, I wanted to find a natural way to keep my hair

healthy and thick. Naturally, Dubally was the perfect choice with their natural treatments and hair

care products.”

A.E.P. 19 years old

“When I was first referred to Dubally and their natural treatments, I was skeptical because all of

the other promising shampoos said they were natural too but full of harsh chemicals. However, the

staff at Dubally actually explained the natural elements that were in there. It was reassuring to

know that I wasn’t putting more chemicals into my already thin hair.”

S.K. 33 years old

“Not only did Dubally help my hair loss, they helped me turn my life around with their detox

program. I’m 40 pounds lighter and have a new prospect on life!”

D.G. 42 years old

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