Dubally Hair & Scalp Treatment System Exclusive Programs

Hair growth treatment

Step 1 - Basic Nutrition

Provides permeating nutrition supply to the scalp for restoring damaged hair follicles and improving hair metabolism.

Step 2 - Intensive Nutrition

As the hair loss progresses, hair follicles begin to produce thinner and shorter hairs and eventually only fine vellus hairs. Dubally’s intensive nutrition supply restores the scalp to a healthy condition by repairing the damaged dermis with nourishing herbal nutrients, including collagenous fibers.

Step 3 - Special Nutrition

Special nutrition includes hair keratin synthesis in degenerated and empty hair follicles which activates cytokine in hair follicles to promote hair regrowth on healthy, clean scalp.

Step 4 - Advanced Nutrition

Advanced nutrition includes peptide nutrition which promotes regular regrowth of hair to produce thicker, stronger, healthier looking hair.

Each treatment step is customized an individual’s skin type, condition, and progress followed by routine evaluations to optimize the treatment.

24 sessions are the minimum required treatments to see hair growth results.

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