Hair loss Examination

At Dubally, we understand that each of our clients is unique.

Our hair loss exams are exclusive and detailed to determine the exact cause of hair loss allowing us to effectively target a wide range of conditions.

A professionally trained Dubally specialist will spend time to take a full detailed history to identify possible causes of hair loss. After taking a complete and comprehensive history, Dubally’s hair loss exam will evaluate scalp conditions and hair loss at macro and microscopic levels.

Our unique computer software scientifically measures hair thickness, hair density, quantity of hair lost and the hair growth rate based on the hair cycle. After the initial exam portion, a follow up consultation is required 3 days later. During the third day consultation, Dubally’s specialized doctor will go over all the results as well give the best possible method for regrowth of hair. Before and after pictures are taken in order to show progress in treatments.

Comprehensive Exam

Microscopic scalp exam

Dubally utilizes most sophisticated microscopic exam to determine skin types, skin conditions, and any ongoing scalp and hair problem

Hair root exam

Hair root is examined through the appearance of the hair roots, shafts, and ends to detect various abnormalities that may cause hair loss.

Hair density exam

Numbers of hair follicles are examined in various areas of the scalp.

Hair distraction exam

Hair is gently pulled to determine the hair condition as well as the hair loss rate.

Hair thickness exam

Microscopic analysis is used to measure the thickness of hair.

Phototrichogram Analysis

A small amount of hair is cut in order to determine individual hair growth cycles. The third day consultation will determine the count of anagen hairs (hairs that grow back during the normal hair cycle).

Demodex Detection

A vast majority of hair loss patients retain demodex, which may be one of several possible causes of hair loss. Demodex is a genus of tiny parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles of mammals.


BIA analysis

Dubally’s most utilized and advanced technology on the current market, used to analyze the body composition to determine the overall health of our clients.

Further lab testing and analyses can be done by a need basis.

Additional Exams

Hair nutrient & toxic element exam

Small amount of hair is cut and sent to the lab to be analyzed for its nutrient and toxic element levels.

Urine nutrient & toxic element exam

Urine is collected and analyzed for nutrient and toxic element levels.

Urine toxic metals exam

A different exam from the above where urine is collected to be analyzed for toxic metal levels.

Saliva adrenal stress exam

Saliva is collected to determine the levels of cortisol and DHEA to determine stress levels causing a correlation to chronic illness.

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