“ I had transplant done on top of my head due to hair loss

a year ago. I have noticed that I am thinning again in the area

few months after the transplant. I wanted to try more natural

treatments and came to Dubally. I have been treated for

3 months and noted that my hairs are thicker and shinier.”

— B.Y.C. 53 years old

“I was losing lots of hairs after showers and I consulted Dubally.The staffs were caring and knowledgeable to educate me for

proper hair cares. I have been using home care products and

noted decrease in hair loss after shower.”

— J.H. 41 years old

“I have been thinning and losing hair for past 5 years.I have been under high stress from work and family.

I was afraid to get perms or color my hair due to hair loss.

I am very happy to see the great results in my hair and am able to go

get perms easier now. I no longer feel depressed or try to hide

my balding all the time. I am glad that I came to Dubally.”

— B.R. 72 years old

“I have been thinning hair for 2 years which I think it started from highstress from my business. My father has male pattern baldness and

I came to Dubally to prevent further loss.

I was very impressed about their exams and cares.

I noticed my hair was getting stronger and thicker

in a month. I would definitely recommend Dubally to anyone who is losing hair!”

— M.K. 57 years old

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