Our body has a strong built-in engine which continues to live our lives. Heart, Pancreas/Spleen, Lung, Kidney, and Liver are major and vital organs. If these organs are damaged 80%, people still can live but without these, they will die. The other organs like stomach, intestines, bladder, even though those are removed, people can continue their lives. This is the reason that these Five organs are called as the engine of the body in the view of Traditional East Asia Medicine. It is important and vital to keep these organs balanced and work together in harmony. Acupuncture promotes metabolic functions of the body such as digestion, absorption, transformation (produce new cell), circulation, and elimination. These metabolic functions happen through our major internal engine organs. Acupuncture can stimulate, enhance, and normalize the functions. When the metabolic function is harmonized and well balanced in its optimal level, consumed food can be absorbed it nutrients which then makes our body to stimulate the cellular turnover more effectively and regularly. Hence, body maintains the optimal health including good immune system and slows down the aging process from toxins, stress, and unhealthy lifestyles.

Dubally Acupuncture professionals focus to prevent disharmony in Zang-Fu organs and the Meridians, where Qi flows to keep one’s body healthy. Trained with well-known Acupuncture frontiers, Dubally acupuncturists focus on cellular regenerations to improve our body’s immune function and maintain wellness. Cells are not programmed to live forever, red blood cell about 4 months, white blood cell about 3 months, and skin cell about 30 days turnover. While some cells die, others are reproduced. It is the cell regeneration through our live continue. Various conditions such as stress reduction, GI (gastro-intestinal) issues, weight loss, insomnia, and pain control are treated. However, we focus on Anti-aging to keep everyone healthy and young at Dubally through keeping up with recent researches on cellular regeneration.

We use gentle techniques to make everyone comfortable to experience the five thousand years benefits and therapeutic effects of acupuncture to bring your life and health to the optimum level. Herbal pills and tonics are customized to enhance the treatments.

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