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When Science combines with the Nature, it does wonders to give ultimate benefits to people. Our mission is to deliver the benefits to millions of people across the world. New hair loss treatment technology on the market Most advanced and complete treatment system for hair loss offering both in clinic treatments and home care treatments Detailed and scientific diagnostic tests to evaluate causes of hair loss30 different clinically proven nutritional based products from natural herbs to essential oils Systematic and formulated treatment steps to grow hair Dubally distinguishes its treatment system from others by providing non surgical and natural remedies to hair follicles to enhance its ability to grow strong and thick hair again. Most companies treat hair loss patients based on one or two solutions: either light treatments such as laser or LED (Light Emitting Diode) or solutions that are based in a type of chemical which blocks the pathway. However, we differentiate ourselves by utilizing natural nutrition solutions which are clinically tested and proven in its up most effectiveness to treat hair loss and re-grow hair. Each ingredient is selected based on their mechanism of actions to grow healthy hair and researched for maximum penetration along with carefully selected scalp equipment to promote hair growth effectively. Scalp massage and acupressure is incorporated as a part of the treatment to increase blood circulation and relax the scalp.